Infinity Wanderers #8

Infinity Wanderers issue 8 is the Christmas and New Year Special for 2023/2024 and includes the regular columns as well as new stories, poetry, and other submissions.

The One Place Study of 2 Juniper continues with a look at The Later Interior, seeing how changes in decor, and the effect of the additional extensions, changed the feel of the inside of the house during the 1980s and early 1990s.

L.G. Parker contributes Small Causes 7 with "History-Changing Events", and "Wrong Men". Jon N Davies continues his history of the Goughs of Ynyscedwyn with the first part of the life of Richard Douglas Gough, covering 1797 to 1842.

Fair-Weather Friend by Mark Harbinger continues with Part 2, and Haley Receveur's Alea Abiecerat now reaches Part 6 of the syndicated story.

Pet Words is a poetry focus on our pets, and includes a variety of contributors' poems, some poignant and some amusing, along with photographs and illustrations. There is also poetry by Linda M. Crate, from Jack Cariad Leon with 'For The Children Taken by the Pied Piper, and from Joshua Boers with an anagram poem of a verse of The Battle of Maldon.

The lead story is 'Death of the Author' by Joshua Boers, and other stories come from Susan Dean with both 'Mol's Swansong' and 'Devil's Dyke', from Ciaran McLarnon with 'The Kingdom', from Paul Leone with 'So Long As We Still Live', from Matthew Spence with 'On The Trail', from Allister Nelson with 'And Lilith Sewed the Seam', from Peter Molnár with 'The Cuckoo's Gaze', and from Glenis Moore with 'Immortality Bites!'.

We have an interview with author and poet Gary Beck. Book features and several book reviews complete the magazine, hopefully recommending some good reads for the festive season.

Infinity Wanderers 8 cover

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Grey Wolf - Editor

Grey Wolf is the editor of Infinity Wanderers magazine. Below are a link to a couple of his forthcoming novels, published by Scimitar Edge. His website is at

Infinity Wanderers
The Steel Heart

The Steel Heart
by Grey Wolf

Alternate History
The second novel in The Shifting Sands series picks up the story as Lord Wolfe and Carlotta head for Seoul in the Kingdom of Korea. Travelling across the Pacific, they traverse the vast British North American colonies. They make a welcome return to Harcourt Hall after so many months away. As Carlotta begins to assert her independence, and receives a gift of alpacas from the former governor of the Argentine, Lord Woife takes decisions on how to invest a proportion of their fortune in the rising automobile industry. The machinery of foreign diplomacy, occurring behind the scenes, and behind the backs of the politicians, increasingly draws Lord Wolfe into Russian affairs. Do they really have to travel to Saint Petersburg? What of the lives they are making back home?

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Time of The Darkness

Time of The Darkness
by Grey Wolf

Alternate History & Science Fiction
In an alternate history, decolonisation of the Americas follows a vastly different timeline, and the British royal family remains pre-eminent in world affairs.

Competing with a Bonaparte Byzantium and a French Empire under the Murats, the Saxe-Coburg British fight on an equal footing for recognition and influence.

Follow 1400 years of history, from an alternate 1900 to the galactic empire of 3300AD where humanity inadvertently reawakens a terror that the elder races believed long dead.

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