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Infinity Wanderers is a new magazine dedicated to promoting alternate history and the associated genres of Science Fiction, Steampunk, Historical Fiction and Fantasy. In addition we aim for between 1/3 and 1/2 real history, genealogy and biography, and writers of Historical features are welcome to submit.

Whilst considered part of the Scimitar Edge stable, Infinity Wanderers goes out under the self-publishing 'Selornia' marque as a magazine, and not a book.

Issue 1 of Infinity Wanderers was published in April 2022, issue 2 in July 2022, and issue 3 in October 2022. It is a four-times-annual publication, including a Christmas and New Year Special, the first of which was issue 4, published in early December 2022. Issue 5 was published in March 2023, and kept up the quarterly schedule. Issue 6 is now out, published June 2023. The next issue, 7, will be in September 2023, and issue 8 will be the Christmas 2023/New Year 2024 special.

The Terms and Conditions and Submission Guidelines are below. Click here to view the current issue.

Infinity Wanderers

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Submissions Criteria
Infinity Wanderers prefers submissions that meet the following criteria:-

- Flash fiction or short stories on the theme of alternate history or associated genres
- art work, poetry and miscellany with an alternate history theme
- Book features and promotions in the genre
- Reviews of books, films and television programmes in the genre, whether new or classic
- Interviews with authors or artists in the genre
- Press releases about books in the genre are welcome from authors or their publishers
- Where possible, please include a small biography and any social media links for all submissions, and for artistic works a blurb about the art piece

Please meet the following physical requirements
- Written in a free-flowing textual format (docx, doc, rtf, odt etc.). Please do not send us PDFs, or articles saved in Pages format. PDFs are not free-flowing and require heavy editing to remove the line breaks. Pages for Mac can save the document in rtf format, so if relevant, please use this.
- Generally a word count of 1000 to 3000 words, though this is flexible and there is potential to serialise longer articles over more than one issue
- We prefer attachments, although poems or articles within the email body can be accepted, at our discretion
- Unless there is an artistic reason for using a dramatic font, we prefer single-spaced 12 point Times New Roman; all submissions will be changed into this unless there is a specific request not to.

Infinity Wanderers



Submissions to Infinity Wanderers

Open Submissions Policy
We have an open submissions policy and all submissions will receive an acknowledgment and one of the following responses:-

- Acceptance
- Request for changes
- Rejection

We aim to reply within a fortnight from receiving the submission, and usually it will be within the first few days. If we have too many submissions for immediate issues, we may request that we file you as pending for inclusion in a later issue; it is up to you to accept this, or choose to resubmit at a later date.

How To Query and Submit
Infinity Wanderers prefers all submissions to be made electronically by email, but messaging on social media is acceptable to query. The ability to send postal submissions is available on request (an address will be emailed to you).

As we claim no copyright on submissions, we are receptive to simultaneous submissions, but please note that if it is agreed that we publish it, we do not guarantee to remove it post-publication if you require this for another publication you have submitted to.

You may submit as many pieces you wish per issue, but if we decide to use any, we will choose which one, or ones, of those you submitted that we wish to feature. Our decision to publish some of the pieces in a bulk submission does not imply our acceptance of those we do not choose to publish.

As Infinity Wanderers does not claim copyright on submissions, we will accept pieces that have been displayed previously on personal websites, bulletin boards, and writing websites. We are open to Republishing, but please ensure, if submitting something classed as published elsewhere, that you have not already assigned copyright, or if you have that their rules allow republishing with, or without, acknowledgment.

Submissions should be emailed to

Terms and Conditions
By agreeing to be published in Infinity Wanderers you signify the acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you have a read through of them. We have crafted them so as to be to the best advantage of both parties.

- For submitted fiction, articles, essays, poems and art work all copyright remains with the original author, who hereby gives Infinity Wanderers the right to publish in the issue in question, to use extracts solely for the purposes of marketing and promotion, and to keep the issue in print as long as the Editor deems appropriate (usually a minimum of 2 years). Author photographs, book covers and small extracts may be placed on Infinity Wanderers' webpages for this purpose - you may request that we do not, if you wish.

- Copyright is vested in Infinity Wanderers for articles, interviews and features that are created by the Editor (and only these). We will inform you as a courtesy if the article, interview or feature is to be used for purposes other than above. If we use your artwork in an article, we make no claims on it, and if we wish to use the article elsewhere we will contact you and request permission to include your artwork.

- If a work accepted for publication in Infinity Wanderers turns out to breach copyright the author, who retains sole copyright, shall be solely liable.

- Pursuant to the above, Infinity Wanderers does not accept fiction or derivative art works that would require a copyright release. Please note, that a recent ruling in the US has placed the original Sherlock Holmes stories out of copyright and we will consider fiction that is based on these, but note that anything subsequent to 1920 remains in copyright

- As a publication Infinity Wanderers has a duty to ensure, where possible, that articles are not libelous or actionable, and may reject articles on that basis, or request that changes be made. Our failure to do so does not imply liability, and the author shall be solely liable.

- Infinity Wanderers does not pay for submissions, interviews or featured articles. All submissions, interviews and featured articles are accepted on this basis. All accepted authors and artists will receive a personal DRM-free copy of the e-magazine in the format requested (epub, mobi or pdf).

- Infinity Wanderers does not charge for inclusion, and unpublished first-time authors, essayists and artists are not only welcome but invited to submit. Non-payment does not extend to advertisements and sponsored features, which will be clearly marked.

- The sole right to decide which submissions are accepted for publication rests with the Editor. Anything accepted for publication will be published in the first issue with vacancies, and it is understood that this may not be the immediately pending issue. Exceptions will apply for themed issues where submissions are accepted well in advance and will be held over to be published in the intended special issue.

- Acceptance does not imply a legal contract.

- Invitations to submit a story, poem, article or other feature do not comprise a contract to publish. Confirmation will be made by the Editor after assessing quality and relevance of the received submission.

Articles, Features and Reviews accepted for submission may be edited for sense or grammar. This will not apply to short stories or poems that are accepted; if we have queries about these, we will contact you before confirming acceptance for publication.

Infinity Wanderers

Infinity Wanderers

Infinity Wanderers Issues

The magazine covers below link through to full page features about each issue of Infinity Wanderers.

Infinity Wanderers
Infinity Wanderers #7

Infinity Wanderers #7

Edited by Grey Wolf
Infinity Wanderers 7's stories include The Duchess of Suffolk by Victoria Male, Silver and Gold by Susan Dean, The Goo at the Morts by Bob Freeman, The King of Alansport by Kevin MacAlan, Painted Paper by Gail Brown, Three Worlds by Matthew Spence, The Rose by J.S. Watts, 1950 by Bill Kitcher, the first part of a new 3-part story Fair-Weather Friends by Mark Harbinger, and Part 5 of Alea Abiecerat by Haley Receveur. L.G. Parker continues his Small Causes column with Keep Your Powder Dry, and has a second article providing an Index to Confederate Ironclads of the American Civil War. Jon N. Davies' history of the Goughs of Ynyscedwyn continues with William Gough, senior, and his lineage at Saint Briavels, Gloucs. A special art feature brings us the work of Sonali Roy, and a pictorial feature from Grey Wolf is 'The Kingdom of Kra', looking back on a lost story, with new digital art from Robin Stacey. There is poetry from Simon R. Gladdish and the late Brian G. Davies, and book reviews of 'If England Were Invaded' by William Le Queux, and 'Lord of a Shattered Land' by Howard Andrew Jones round off the content.

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Infinity Wanderers #6

Infinity Wanderers #6

Edited by Grey Wolf
Infinity Wanderers 6's lead story is 'A Dream in Ruins' by Matt Kusluski. Regular columns include L.G. Parker's Small Causes, looking at the Confederate Navy in the American Civil War, & his Urban Warfare, focused on Mogadishu, 1993, and Jon N Davies continues his history of the Goughs of Ynyscedwyn with his article on Richard Gough Aubrey, first of his name who inherited the estate in 1752. Serialised stories continuing in this issue are The Smiling Tiger by Rusty Gladdish, which completes, and Alea Abiecerat by Haley Receveur. The travel feature is 2 children's writing 'A Paris Diary' in 1983, whilst other history comes from Susan Dean with 'Remember Remember'. A beautiful art feature comes from Janis Butler Holm with Renaissance Aliens, in full glorious colour, while BB Elshin provides 'Britain: First on the Moon'. Poetry comes from Ali Ashhar, DJ Tyrer, C Collingwood and Elder Gideon. Stories featured are by Matthew Spence, Matthew Toddington, Victoria Male, Robert Feinstein, PM Baird, ML Williams, Grey Wolf, and DJ Tyrer. The One Place Study of 2 Juniper continues with 'The Changing Garden', chronicling 1976 to 1994.

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Grey Wolf - Editor

Grey Wolf is the editor of Infinity Wanderers magazine. Below are a link to a couple of his novels, published by Scimitar Edge. His website is at

Infinity Wanderers
The Shifting Sands

The Shifting Sands
by Grey Wolf

Alternate History
Featuring a cover by Robin Stacey, The Shifting Sands is a globe-covering alternate history novel set in the aftermath of a world war against the combined might of the German and British empires. How will Lord Wolfe navigate the twists and turns of fate? Once the darling of the old British emperor in his role as Governor of the vast South African dominions, he finds himself shunned by the new monarch in London, relying on his Spanish connections for attendance at the peace conference. Together with his daughter Carlotta, Wolfe must adapt to a new reality, one that takes him home to Britain where his wealth might buy him land and house, but can it ever work to restore his lost influence in the affairs of men?

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Time of The Darkness

Time of The Darkness
by Grey Wolf

Alternate History & Science Fiction
In an alternate history, decolonisation of the Americas follows a vastly different timeline, and the British royal family remains pre-eminent in world affairs.

Competing with a Bonaparte Byzantium and a French Empire under the Murats, the Saxe-Coburg British fight on an equal footing for recognition and influence.

Follow 1400 years of history, from an alternate 1900 to the galactic empire of 3300AD where humanity inadvertently reawakens a terror that the elder races believed long dead.

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